Wat is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is leiding geven aan zelforganiserende professionals in kennisintensieve organisaties. De visie is ontwikkeld door Jurgen Appelo (www.noop.nl) en hij heeft er een state of the art training bij ontwikkeld (www.management30.com). Deze website is toegewijd aan de Nederlandse leidinggevenden en managers en het management3.0 gedachtegoed. 

De eerstvolgende training is op  18 en 19 februari 2016!

De training ziet er als volgt uit (in het Engels)


Are you an experienced ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Agile coach or Agile manager?
are you looking for fresh ideas on making your organization even more Agile?
If so, Management 3.0 is exactly for you!
In just 2 days, the newest insights on motivation, empowerment, competence development, guilds, and merits will be shared with you. We will focus on individuals, teams, stakeholders, management and leadership challenges when improving business agility. This will all be done through highly interactive, energizing games.
This is not a classic 2-days training: you will learn by playing serious games, have your say on the course program and will interact frequently with your peers and learn from them. Two seasoned trainers will guide you through modern management, leadership and Human Resources practices.
What we also offer is that YOU have a say in the training program.
Registered applicants will actually be able to vote for topics they'd like to be addressed.
Once registered, we'll send you the details by email, but the topics you'll be able to vote for are listed under the "open program" section hereunder.
Core program
  • Introduction Management 3.0
  • Intrinsic Motivation: people are motivated differently, but motivation is crucial to optimal performance. Through Moving Motivators you'll discover your teams preferences on how they are motivated.
  • Empowerment: agile software development thrives on trust. Proper delegation of responsibilities is crucial in servant leadership. In the game Delegation Poker, the 7 levels of authority are exercised to discover each teams thresholds.
  • - Align Constraints: A team is not a team without a joint goal. Each team has its own emergent goals and you will practice to write your own.
  • Change Management: no matter what we do when we're in an Agile team, but everything is connected to change management. You'll learn the 4 dimensions of change management that influence any change initiative and how to deal with that in a practical manner.
Open program (topics to be selected by the attendees)
  • Complexity thinking: is the cornerstone of an Agile mindset. You will learn what complexity theory is, how to think in terms of systems, about the difference between complex and complicated, about fallacies of traditional linear thinking, and suggestions for complexity thinking.
  • Develop Competence: discover what are the 6 approaches to develop competence, and what dimensions and perspectives are involved in effectively measuring progress.
  • Grow structure: organizational structures should support communication. Learn to play the Meddlers game in which you'll learn to spike new structures.
  • Management 1.0 - Management 2.0 - Management 3.0: Learn what is Management 1.0, 2.0, and where Management 3.0 comes from.
  • Personal maps: some people perform best when they know each other well. This game is about building a better understanding about who we are and why we do what we do.
  • Salary formula: discover the power of establishing a clear and transparent salary formula, considering all factors that could influence it.
  • OKR (metrics ecosystem): learn the 12 rules of good metrics that help establish a culture in which people see measurement as a way to learn and improve, not a blame tool.
  • Merit money: Aahh, the financial bonus question linked to your performance. There must be a better way, and we'll discuss it.
  • Unlimited vacation: depending on your perspective, this is either a 'Wow!'... or just scary. We'll discuss the benefits and challenges of such practice.
  • Guild: empowered and self-organized teams may work very independently from each other, yet learning from each other, and harmonizing successful practices is also very useful. Learn how guilds can help you achieve that.
  • Non-violent communication: learn how to give feedback, including when it's not that easy to do so.
Last but not least, in addition to letting you decide the course program, we're also letting you set the price you're willing to pay for the training. Yes, you heard us right ;-)
Of course, there's a minimum price needed to cover our expenses. This minimum price is set at 250€ HVTA per participant. But according to the value you received during the training, you'll pay the amount that you feel is right, as long as it is no less than the minimum price. Once registered, we'll send you the payment details.
A 2-days Management 3.0 training where you set (part of) the agenda and even the price, brought to you in Utrecht, Netherlands, by 2 seasoned trainers. Register now while there are places left.